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The #1 Rat Prevention Device Vermin Guard fits in the top of your down pipe/drainpipe...
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The #1 Rat Prevention Device

Vermin Guard fits in the top of your down pipe/drainpipe and is perforated to allow water to go down and nothing to to come up, it compresses at the bottom drops in the down pipe/drainpipe let it expand twist until snug if not secure fix with a screw,

Vermin Guard fits both square and round pipes and please note if your roof is exposed to leaves the product will need maintaining but you will have a rat free loft.

Why use Vermin Guard?

Vermin Guard will stop rats climbing drainpipes, running along guttering and going under roof tiles to access the loft space.

Rats can cause disease, financial loss and anxiety to home owners. Rats carry bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria, Ecoli and Cryptosporidium. Rats also carry bacteria in their urine responsible for causing Weil's disease in humans which if caught can be fatal.

Rats can remember routes taken and obstacles after only completing one journey. A fully grown rat can squeeze through a hole as small as 50mm

Fitting Instructions:

Vermin Guard will fit both 50mm to 75mm (2” to 3”) square and round down pipes.

Always wear gloves when installing

  • Compress base of guard
  • Insert into top of downpipe
  • Twist until snug
  • Secure with screw if required


Clean guttering if regularly exposed to leaves.

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