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Vermin Guard fits in the top of your downpipe/drainpipe and is perforated to allow water to go down and nothing to to come up. It compresses at the bottom, drops into the down pipe/ drainpipe, it expands and then twist until snug, if not secure fix with a screw. Vermin Guard fits both square and round pipes and please note if your roof is exposed to leaves the product will need maintaining but you will have a rat free loft.

Why use Vermin Guard?

The rat population has increased by three fold in the last twelve months.

- Obvious signs of Rats in the loft
- Scurrying noises are rats not mice, as mice are light on their feet·
- Chewing of bags, cardboard, clothes, wood, cables etc.·
- Small oval shaped black droppings.

Rats are capable of reproducing at six weeks old and can have up to five litters per year if conditions are suitable. The litter size can range from 6 to 14 young.

Home insurers claim that combined damage to UK properties has now hit £500 million in the last year due to vermin.

Vermin Guard will stop rats climbing drainpipes, running along guttering and going under roof tiles to access the loft space.

Rats can cause disease, financial loss and anxiety to home owners. Rats carry bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria, E.coli and Cryptosporidium. Rats also carry bacteria in their urine responsible for causing Weil's disease in humans which if caught can be fatal.

Rats can remember routes taken and obstacles after only completing one journey. A fully grown rat can squeeze through a hole as small as 50mm.

Can't the council help?

Councils and Water Boards used to bait drains to keep the rat population down in the sewers but don't do any more due to cut backs. Local Authorities also used to provide free vermin control but no longer provide the service. You now have to pay for it!.

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